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([[0]]About this Omega Research Wiki)

0.1 Disclaimer

We advise to read this page first, before continuing with this Wiki

  1. Visiting this site is completely one's own responsibility. Please read the disclaimer with attention.
  2. This site may cause cognitive dissonance or psychological discomfort for longer periods of time.
  3. Taking note of the information of this site may possibly cause some disruption of your social life.
  4. This Wiki site may cause bouts of concern or anger at the cost of your personal tranquility.
  5. More specifically, this site may possibly not suit your taste if you consider yourself to belong to one or more of the following categories:
    • "Sociable", rather than "self-willed and curious after the fringes of common wisdom";
    • Well adapted to local culture and customs;
    • Well accepted by society and popular among peers;
    • Attached to belief in God, Allah, or any other higher power, the belief in which enjoys a wide support;
    • Attached to personal emotional and social tranquility.

This site is rather suitable for persons who. . . . .

  • Are curious, rather than concerned;
  • Consider themselves to be independent thinkers;
  • Value truth more than social acceptance;
  • Take truth as the authority, rather than authority as the truth;
  • Are often fed up with current, generally accepted cultural "wisdom";
  • Enjoy a more than average intelligence;
  • Feel capable of sustaining "standing out alone", apart from the crowd;
  • Do not grow concerned if people denounce them as non-believers or atheists;
  • Are not afraid to be left with no purpose;
  • Do not fear the unprotected nakedness of truth and don't mind if truth hurts.

In case the above 10 lines do not apply, we advise you to quit these pages and to spend your time and attention on something more agreeable to yourself.

In case you think the above dangers are quite manageable for you and you don't fear to lose your mental tranquility, carry on. If you prefer to dive into these matters with help of our Guided Tour, please click here. Otherwise you may find your way through the Main Page or through the Site Map (see the menu at the top left).

In case of emergency:

If, by coincidence or by miscalculation of personal preferences and/or personal resiliance the reader finds him/herself in emotional trouble through the materials on this Wiki, please refer to the First Aid pages here.

[[0.2]]Goal of this site

  • To help trigger awareness of what has been protected from our awareness since we became intelligent hominids.
  • To help trigger awareness of what, apart from and on top of the above, has been actively hidden from our awareness since the start of the agricultural revolution.
  • To bring awareness and understanding of the evolutionary rules and necessities for the emergence, wherever and whenever in the universe, of any high intelligence.
  • To bring awareness and understanding of the inescapable and necessary evolutionary transitory phase in between the rise of meme-power structures and the (future) start of conscious evolution.
  • To bring awareness of the radically impersonal character of the entities in charge of human societies since the agricultural revolution.
  • To bring understanding of humanity's present position in the final stages of our own present transitory phase in the evolution of high intelligence, which transition has lasted for some 10.000 years now.
  • To spread awareness of the underlying mechanisms, and their evolutionary stability, that enhance and maintain superstition and ignorance on a massive scale up till today, supporting the impersonal meme-power-structures in charge.
  • To help bring closer Point Omega.

Hier plaatje opnemen van "E-bomb"" met cartoon-teksten in de paddestoelwolk(cartoon-paddestoelwolk)................***

      • ...........................***
      • En ook plaatje van "Bomb ticking"..................als uitsmijter***

0.3 Definitions of "Point Omega"

  • The end of (customary) history.
  • A transition point in human history, equally or even more important than was the agricultural revolution.
  • The dissolution of the impersonal power structures that controlled human life for thousands of years.
  • Self-actualization versus truncated phenotypes in humans, on a large scale.
  • The end of the evolutionary stability of mass neuroses.
  • Growing understanding of what is enlightenment and what it is not.
  • Transition from the evolution of consciousness towards conscious evolution.
  • [[0.3.1]]The end of the second intermediary phase before any evolving intelligence, whenever and wherever in the universe, reaches maturity and full deployment.(*)
  • Definitions from Wikipedia
  • Whereas the term Point Omega is borrowed from Teilhard de Chardin, we do not follow Teilhard's own definitions of Point Omega, but develop a new definition, based on novel insights as described in this Wiki.

[[0.4]] What this site is about and what it is not

This site presents data, based on scientific research, suggesting that:

  1. Homo sapiens, since some 5.000 to 10.000 years, is functioning on average far below the level of general skills that is supported by its congenital potentials.
  2. Good evolutionary reasons can be traced that can explain this seemingly illogical and unexpected situation, being a temporary but necessary phase in the evolution of higher intelligence.
  3. This 10.000 years old suppression of a high "free" intelligence is, for technical reasons, presently becoming increasingly unstable, gradually leading to human society approaching an "escape-point" of human intelligence, which will trigger major shifts in societal structures and culture.
  4. A transition in human society and human behaviour, labeled as Point Omega, a term borrowed from Teilhard de Chardin, is therefore possible and even likely to occur at some, not so far away, point in time.
  5. According to some authors, such a transition point, which we call Point Omega, has already started and is underway.
  6. "Enlightenment", "spiritual awareness", "God-consciousness" and similar descriptions of certain states of the human mind, can be described and explained in terms from ethology and behavioural sciences. Also their function can be explained and predictions derived about their likelihood and occurrence in human beings.
  7. There is a very simple common denominator to what many prophets have originally told their people, many messages of which have in the course of time been deformed and corrupted into organized religions that invariably block awareness and understanding of the original messages, wielding massive power over their followers instead of liberating them. This simple common denominator concerns the truth of how the behaviour of ourselves is organized and what alternative perspectives we would have, once awareness of these relatively simple truths has become common knowledge and people become able in numbers to escape from debilitating indoctrination and from the systematic suppression of the free utilization of intelligence.

This site does however not deal with phenomena like:

  1. Morphogenetic fields
  2. Telepathy
  3. Clearvoyance
  4. Premonition
  5. Aura's and chakra's
  6. Notions from organized religions
  7. Reincarnation
  8. And other phenomena that are beyond the boundaries of present scientific and sober understanding.

This site does deal with known and well established reality

It is clear that scientific data as available today cannot give us a complete picture of the universe and its functioning, let alone of our own functioning therein. No doubt that in the future we will become aware and gather scientific proof of mechanisms that until now seem rather mysterious and incomprehensible to us. Our picture of the world is incomplete and will always be incomplete, no matter how far our scientific understanding will expand.

This site will however not deal with any subject that is still beyond the boundaries of scientific knowledge, nor will we indulge in speculation. This site only deals with data and knowledge that have already become firmly rooted in scientific research. As may be shown in these pages, these well established data do already produce for us highly surprising and very worthwhile combined conclusions.

It will present a number of notions, well rooted in scientific research, that, each separately, nevertheless are until now only known in very limited circles of specialists, each within those separate fields of research, in spite of the fact that most of these notions are not difficult to understand from a technical point of view. This implies that from a technical point of view, humanity in principle could have grasped these notions already a long time ago, if, for individuals, familiarity with a broader field of science would have been more customary than it is now.

Each of these notions was and is however also subject to specific blindnesses in our collective human awareness. This site puts a number of these not widely known notions from different scientific disciplines together and will show that removal of the blind spots from a variety of research fields produces an overall picture that explains human history and development from an unexpected angle and allows us to obtain a clearer and very surprising picture of our human potential and future.

This site argues that it is not so important that we exchange "belief systems" for "science", but rather that we exchange "fear" for "curiosity" and explains how such changes can be brought about(*).

[[1.1.2]]For your efficiency and comfort

The various contributions on this Wiki greatly differ in detail, in length, in depth and in thoroughness of scientific underpinning of arguments and proof. This Guided Tour helps you to choose the sequence of articles that suits you best. Do you want a better overview first or are you looking for a better underpinning of arguments and of presented data? You can follow your preference at any place during this Tour. You may decide to dig deeper into the subject you are immersed in, or, reversely, you may return to the surface and look for a better and broader overview. The Guided Tour will give you such moments of choice during reading and browsing. For your convenience we therefore have marked the articles and contributions with asterixes (*), (**), (***).

  • (★)<level 1> Quick and efficient: Stands for an overview article, short, superficial, quick and efficient. These articles are best to start out with. They are the ones that the Guided Tour brings you first.
  • (★★)<level 2> Some more detail: Stands for reading one level more deeply. These articles give more thorough argumentation, but do not lead you into the depths of scientific corroboration and into a lengthy underpinning of presented data.
  • (★★★)<level 3> More depth: Research level; stands for articles with so much detail that you might also find them in scientific publications and papers. The arguments given in these articles are best suited to help you decide whether you buy the viewpoints given or not, but they require more time and scientific patience from the reader. They contain more references to other sources of information. They are less efficient reading, but these are the articles that determine where we stand at the end of the day. In the Guided Tour these are the articles that you are guided to in case your curiosity keeps pressing on and doesn't let you "off the hook".

Throughout this Guided Tour we occasionally have put some of the basic issues in bold. This may be handy for quick scanning the texts while browsing around to find your way to what you prefer to read next.

[[1.1.3]]Editing this Wiki

This Wiki originally has been set up as a medium for publishing the findings and comments from the main contributor, registered on this Wiki as Baby Boy, and for interaction with readers. However, because the Wiki off late has suffered under attacks from automatized advertizement campaigns that are programmed to replace pages from the Wiki or any other internet site, with all sorts of advertizements from sales organizations, we have had to block free access to this Wiki. Therefore, if readers wish to contribute in a serious way, they can send their contributions, comments or critique by e-mail to, the manager coordinator of this Wiki. We welcome any constructive contributions.