To finally put an end to war, genocide, wholesale rape and the destruction of the living world

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<level 1>   The goal of this Wiki is to help put an end to the eternal plagues of humanity, like war, genocide, wholesale rape, the destruction of our environment, etc.

These eternal plagues seem to be part of the very fabric the human species is made of. It seems to be inseparable from our biological and psychological make up.

Throughout human history, some people have become aware of the "normalcy" of these disastrous events. In a way, human politics and organizations are designed to fight these very plagues. It is however also evident, that all these attempts have been to no avail, if not producing in the end more, rather than less, strife, mayhem and mass murder, providing rather the ultimate pretext for it.

One way to look at this seemingly hopeless situation, is to describe civilizations as "conspiracies against evolution".

That viewpoint implies that the above mentioned disasters are mother nature's methods to recover and restore selection pressures, which have only been postponed locally for some period of time by "civilization". The more successful, just and fair a civilization and the longer the postponement of selective forces, the more massive and lethal the recuperative and corrective events of mother nature will be.

No matter which way one looks at these eternal plagues of humanity, this Wiki's goal is to lay bare the deepest roots of organized murder and destruction, enabling mankind at last to take the sting out of the very common cause of war, genocide and mass destruction.

The cure is in becoming aware of the innate and the organized blindnesses regarding our own functioning. In that sense this emerging awareness is the finishing touch, the final boost to human enlightenment, that started in the eighteenth century, pushing us now over the treshold of a totally new era in the evolution of Homo sapiens.

As this Wiki argues, this will be the era in which the human species consciously will steer its own evolution, rather than unconsciously be the "passive" product (or victim) of it.

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