Curiosity replacing fear, rather than science replacing belief systems

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What is the point: Science versus belief or Curiosity versus fear ?

<level 1>  This Wiki is about awakening to our own reality. It is about science replacing superstition.

Our world is full of multiple faced superstitions. We tend to regard the dark middle ages as periods during which culture was full of superstitions. However, we shall argue that this picture is rather naive and that we basically are still living in the middle of a vast and deep sea of superstition.

One example is the way religious belief systems operate. They function essentially as solid fortresses of superstition.Whereas the world religions all have been founded on attempts to bring awareness and enlightenment to the people, they invariably end up as strong consolidators of the opposite, more specifically, of mass blindness, dependence and slavery. And in fact, there is no other way, for otherwise a religion would not be an ESS (Evolutionarily Stable Strategy) at the Meme-level and it would then automatically cease to exist. So, automatically and unavoidably any successful mass religion brings the opposite of what it claims.

Our awakening, necessary for the final shedding of our mass neuroses and fears and enabling us to enter the dawn of an enlightened civilization, is therefore firmly based on scientific methods and is basically free of the superstitions of organized religious belief systems. But, ............... that is not all.

Having shed the organized blindnesses and limitations of institutionalized religions, it is still possible to adhere to a scientific outlook in a very rigid manner. One may rigidly close oneself off from any phenomena that have no scientific explanation (yet). Like: "anything that has not been proven or can be demonstrated scientifically, does not exist".

A scientific orientation is not a guarantee for openness. Only curiosity can produce openness. And only an emotionally balanced state can produce a sufficient frequency of curious states. For awakening and discovering the truth, a healthy telic - paratelic balance is therefore indispensable.

A scientific outlook is not enough. Only a healthy balance in Telic - Paratelic alternations(***) produces lower fear levels and more curiosity. The prerequisite for entering Point Omega together is therefore not a matter of just embracing the scientific method after discarding superstitious beliefs. It is rather the replacement of fear by curiosity, resulting from a restoration of healthy telic - paratelic balances(***). Once the fear level has come down and curiosity is high, proper telic - paratelic alternations fuel an optimal learning rhythm. Fear for the unknown will then diminish also and the learning system will explore wider realms of the truth. Fearless states can eventually also touch upon spiritual experiences and an emotional merging with the whole. Loss of fear can therefore trigger those spiritual experiences and awareness, that organized religions always claim to bring, but, generally speaking, never do and never can do.

Just leaving behind religious superstitions is therefore not the point. Restoring the motivational telic - paratelic balance is. That will trigger high curiosity and loss of fear, which in turn will boost the learning system in general. That in turn also opens the road to authentic spiritual experiences without the necessity to first yield to the suppressive powers of institutionalized religion.

For thousands of years prophets told us that "the truth can set us free". But, the truth can never be found in organized religions, for they invariably block awareness of oneself and of the truth. The truth can be found however, when fear is low and curiosity is high. Then, automatically, scientific methods and awareness are paired to spiritual awareness and the pitfalls of organized delusion and superstition can be unmasked and avoided. Spiritual awareness then can be recognized for what it really is, without the repressive baloney of organized religions, and stops to be at variance with scientific thinking. At that point of development the readily available spiritual awareness replaces an innate longing for missing belongingness and spiritual hunger. And that makes the person less vulnerable to the seduction of socially accepted organized religion with all their superstition and repression.

So, the most basic to the Omega transition is the repair and restoration of a healthy balance in Telic - Paratelic alternations(***). Once a healthy rhythm of reversals has been obtained or restored, all the rest follows automatically, even mass "enlightenment".