What it means to be human

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Concept / schedule

What it means to be human

Being living matter

Self replicating molecules

Catalization of self-replication

Competition for basic building blocks

Being an animal, not a plant

How a plant finds its building materials

How an animal finds its building materials

movement; the trick to change place

perception of the environment

emotions and motivation

Proximate and Ultimate purposes of behaviour (basics of how behaviours evolve)

Being a "group"-animal

Emotions to seek company

Emotions to seek own family or group

Being intelligent

What is intelligence ?

"Free" capacity for information processing

Limits to free accessible intelligence capacity

Being the most intelligent species on earth

Having escaped from the ordinary evolutionary upper limit of (free) intelligence

Hardware and software

Information, tradition, culture, cumulated knowledge

Living in slavery

Software evolution taking over the lead

Speed of evolution for hardware and for software

Evolutionary jet-lag in Homo sapiens

Human beings as carriers of two types of information, DNA, genes, and Culture, memes

Blind spots / Self-Blindness / Cultural smoke curtains

Losing our ignorance

When intelligence finally understands its own nature

Freeing unsuspected quantities of energy and intelligence

Surpassing point Omega

Unavoidable, automatic, unexpectedly fast and sudden

Runaway characteristics; positive feed back loops (technically)

Relax, enjoy the ride