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General information about the Stichting Omega-Research Foundation.

  • Chamber of Commerce Code: 41010600 (KvK Noord Nederland).
  • RSIN, Fiscal ANBI nr.: 8166.43.854 (RSIN = Rechtspersonen en Samenwerkingsverbanden InformatieNummer).
  • Adress regular mail: Molenweg 15, 9761 VB Eelde, The Netherlands
  • E-mail:;;
  • Web address:
  • #31-50-3096926
  • Chairman: J.J. van der Molen, Poitiers, France
  • Secretary/Treasurer: P.P. van der Molen, Eelde, The Netherlands
  • The statutes of the Stichting Omega-Research Foundation are formulated in Dutch. An English version of the general goals and objectives of the foundation can be found here on this Wiki.
  • The present goals and targets of the foundation for the middle long term are to improve the texts and contributions on the Omega-Research Wiki and to make the Wiki more accessible to the educated public.
  • Officers of the foundation provide their management contributions free of charge. Expenses may eventually be reimbursed in case the foundation has received sufficient financial support to consider such reimbursements.
  • Since its establishment and until this year the foundation has acquired almost no donations or other income. The financial reports from the start (1984) until now contain therefore very little interesting information. These reports have been deposited with the chamber of commerce and can be sent on request.

In case the financial situation of the foundation allows, help may be hired for the various tasks that may be delegated to third parties in order to improve the chances for spreading the scientific information on the foundation's Wiki. The tasks in question are e.g., writing or translating articles, scanning and correcting or typing texts, managing communication with visitors of the Wiki, managing relations with banks and governmental organizations, etc. The objective of the foundation for the next couple of years is to start spending time on the acquisition of financial support. That will enable the foundation to hire more help and to expand its communications towards the scientific community at large.