Genetic pollution precluding social stability

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Bij schrijven van deze pagina's eerst doorlezen: The effects of genetic pollution on political structures and human history

  • Civilization as a conspiracy against evolution.
  • To finally put an end to war, destruction and wholesale rape.
  • Corruption as the default social structure.
    • Democracy as a (rare) binding formula for complex structures of cooperation.
    • Normalcy of slavery and suppression.
  • Genetic pollution and corruption as one of its automatic effects.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of corruption.
    • tribal level / family level.
    • less efficient in case of large scale.
  • Two reasons for the need of continuous selection pressure and the impossibility of lasting stability.
    • Countering the usual genetic deterioration.
    • Proceeding evolution and concomitant changes.
      • Memes versus Genes: a novel population genetic situation in human beings, rendering extra selection pressure in novel directions.