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We advise to read this page first, before continuing with this Wiki

  1. Visiting this site is completely one's own responsibility. Please read the disclaimer with attention.
  2. This site may cause cognitive dissonance or psychological discomfort for longer periods of time.
  3. Taking note of the information of this site may possibly cause some disruption of your social life.
  4. This Wiki site may cause bouts of concern or anger at the cost of your personal tranquility.
  5. More specifically, this site may possibly not suit your taste if you consider yourself to belong to one or more of the following categories:
    • "Sociable", rather than "self-willed and curious after the fringes of common wisdom";
    • Well adapted to local culture and customs;
    • Well accepted by society and popular among peers;
    • Attached to belief in God, Allah, or any other higher power, the belief in which enjoys a wide support;
    • Attached to personal emotional and social tranquility.

This site is rather suitable for persons who. . . . .

  • Are curious, rather than concerned;
  • Consider themselves to be independent thinkers;
  • Value truth more than social acceptance;
  • Take truth as the authority, rather than authority as the truth;
  • Are often fed up with current, generally accepted cultural "wisdom";
  • Enjoy a more than average intelligence;
  • Feel capable of sustaining "standing out alone", apart from the crowd;
  • Do not grow concerned if people denounce them as non-believers or atheists;
  • Are not afraid to be left with no purpose;
  • Do not fear the unprotected nakedness of truth and don't mind if truth hurts.

In case the above 10 lines do not apply, we advise you to quit these pages and to spend your time and attention on something more agreeable to yourself.

In case you think the above dangers are quite manageable for you and you don't fear to lose your mental tranquility, carry on. If you prefer to dive into these matters with help of our Guided Tour, please click here. Otherwise you may find your way through the Main Page or through the Site Map (see the menu at the top left).

In case of emergency:

If, by coincidence or by miscalculation of personal preferences and/or personal resiliance the reader finds him/herself in emotional trouble through the materials on this Wiki, please refer to the First Aid pages here.