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  • Visiting this site is completely at one's own risk. We do not accept any damage claims regarding the effects of taking note of the contents of this site. Please read the disclaimer carefully.
  • This site may cause severe cases of cognitive dissonance and possibly psychotic states.
  • Taking note of the information of this site may cause irreparable disruption of your social life.
  • You are strongly advised not to spend any further attention to this site if you consider yourself to belong to one of the following categories:
    • More social than curious;
    • Well adapted to your local culture;
    • Attached to belief in God, Allah, or any other higher power, the belief in which belief enjoys a wide support;
    • Attached to personal emotional and social tranquility.
  • This site is only and exclusively suitable for those persons who:
    • Are more curious than frightened;
    • Are independent thinkers;
    • Love the truth more than social acceptance;
    • Are fed up with current, generally accepted cultural wisdom;
    • Enjoy a more than average intelligence;
    • Feel capable of sustaining "standing out alone", apart from the crowd;
    • Do not grow concerned if people denounce them as atheist.