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Warning: we advise to read the disclaimer of this Wiki first

Welcome to the:
Point Omega Research Wiki

(for understanding who we are,
beyond superstition, answers to the "eternal" questions,
with courage, integrity and intelligence)

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[[0]]About this wiki

Featured articles

  • 0Point Omega (summary)
  • 1A guided tour through the Omega Research Wiki (40 pages)
  • 0.1'Goal of this Wiki:0.2To_finally_put_an_end_to_war,_genocide,_wholesale_rape_and_the_destruction_of_the_living_world|'0.2 To finally put an end to war, genocide, wholesale rape and the destruction of the living world]]
  • [[The_end_of_the_second_intermediary_phase_before_any_evolving_intelligence,_whenever_and_wherever_in_the_universe,_reaches_maturity_and_full_deployment.|0.2Point Omega: extended definition]]
  • [[Curiosity_replacing_fear,_rather_than_science_replacing_belief_systems|

0.3The Crux: Curiosity replacing Fear, rather than Science replacing Belief systems]]

The Omega Research Foundation

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Further reading, movie pictures, websites

On some IDW (Intellectual Dark Web) participants (The Intellectual Dark Web is a label, given to a group of philosophers, evolutionary psychologists and political thinkers who have been rather influential recently and are often, as individuals or as a group, been strongly criticized or otherwise attacked by politicians and other people who pretend to be responsible for guarding and directing public opinion We feel that the many discussions with and between these authors, placed on Internet by means of YouTube presentations, TED-talks and similar modern publication means, can be highly enlightening for the sincere seeker of truth : Sam Harris: [] Jordan Peterson:

12 Rules for life,and on YouTube: [1] Richard Dawkins: